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Music can be used as a catalyst for change when people are willing to work together for a greater cause. 

That's how everything started with "Mud Refugees."


A documentary directed by Barbara Schucko and Paula Park on socio-cultural damages caused by a toxic mud tsunami after a dam failure in
Brazil, to give voice to the people who were silenced and forced to start over in a new reality.

Mining is a major part of Brazil's economy, however, we believe that this might be an opportunity to defend the
need to rethink the way we conduct this type of activity.

"To write about the uncomfortable. To make the effort to change some shiny shoes and go bare feet every once in a while. To feel the country that made me who I am and launched me on a space rocket as a crazy explorer. To feel it in my heart beating in a two four beat. I am grateful for being able to express and share this; to have the opportunity to try and make a difference and to find people as crazy as I am to jump with me on this boat finding meaning through art."

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