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Barbara's Demo ReelBarbara Schucko

Azure Composer/Producer/Audio Engineer/Vocals Barbara Schucko Guitars Vinicius Cavalieri Drums Marc Dolgin Bass Alex Reynolds

Lagging Schemes Composer/Producer/Audio Engineer/Vocals/Bass Barbara Schucko Guitars Vinicius Cavalieri Drums Marc Dolgin 

Devil Woman Composer/Producer/Audio Engineer/Vocals Barbara Schucko Guitars Vinicius Cavalieri Drums Marc Dolgin 

                      Bass Pedro Zappa Harmonica Sarah Messias Mix Engineer Alexander Ammons

Closer (Orchestral) Composer/Conductor/Mix Engineer Barbara Schucko 

Galatea (Orchestral) Composer/Conductor/Mix Engineer Barbara Schucko

"Flying Whispers" directed by Rafaela Rocha with music by Barbara Schucko

As soon as Sam loses his father, and learns that he went to live in heaven, the young cowboy decides to try to communicate with his father in a playful and imaginative way. 

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Barbara Schucko

Los Angeles, CA

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